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not-too-distantly somehow

Audrey is a physically strong formation dancer trained originally in French interpretations of Lindy hop. Born in Mulhouse in the 1990s, she chose the path marked fun and learning. For this, she went to school, learned to read, write and sing the letters of the Latin alphabet and even some happy mountain creole. The years passed and Audrey grew up in the tornado of life's activities, a time-lapse show reel of gardening, Christmas cooking, dancing, very intensive reading, skydiving, strip twister, night parkour, base jumping, jungle reconnaissance, free flying, super big wave surfing and also some knitting, socks mainly, and a case for her glasses. But the passage through adolescence is not easy for anyone and Audrey found herself in a dark wood, way long before the middle of her life, trapped by high school science classes, by mathematics and then medicine. It was the wrong path. But for the right person no path is wrong for long. She applied and then was accepted to an art school and suddenly Audrey's world was in colour again. This time with music and chocolate. The year 2009 also offered a chance encounter with the two world renowned contemporrrary artists, Gilles and Franck, whose radical eye contact showed her a whole new route up the north face of life's Everest and along all the coast road of love's tropical waters. Audrey was back in command of her voluptuous vehicle and obviously studying art in possibly the greatest world in the solar system. But the currents are strong out there and in 2013 she shifted gears once more, and after an interview with CG, Audrey was fitted out for an industrial jump-suit studded with diamonds and beautifully marked 'graphic design'. The same year, she danced head-over-heels in love with Europe's greatest jungle-drone clubs DJ superstar, committing herself to his academy of electronic music and samurai turntablism.
She mixed and matched under the name: DJ Mixmatch (ok that part is an exaggeration, she is better known as DJ Rayonne), and found her own fame in the French underground clubs. Could life get any better? In fact, in February 2015, Audrey found herself in Ghent where she was passed mysteriously through a language portal into a landscape of typography where a very mysterious sign pointed to Arnhem, while overhead a question appeared in skywriting clouds: cher Audrey, will you tell us about your love story with type design? P.E.